Jojo LEET code – Step 1

On July 9th Jojo Stratton posted her 1337th WOTD. A very special number as converted to leetspeak 1337 becomes LEET or “Elite”. The post included the following code

"<!-- Today we go a little deeper than usual. Should any one ask: It's password. Never The Pass Word. -->

      <code>36h 1745 6b7 23c 30e 425 935 1211112 5e2 7bb 1337 5e2 1337 5e2 2c3 5e2 36h 110321</code>"

The code went unsolved for a little more than a week until agents@Wapta and @uditaren with thanks to other jojo enthusiasts @Unchi, @tashigress, @XerithA, @Shisca, @Guamwatt, @ckanoab, @jplolo, @Drag0nsang3l, @EcoliW3110, @beowulf924, @Fosveny, @F33NiXSL, @Ninjaburger, @FrancescoGun, @edyak finally solved the puzzle.

I would like to thank agent @uditaren for the help and guidance on finding the solve.

The code had multiple stages, we will be posting solves to each steps every Thursday. This will leave time between steps for those who want to try and solve the code.

So, here goes step one