WotD IATA Airport Codes Theme – May 3 to May 13

The beautiful world of IATA airport codes has been the overarching theme of JoJo Stratton‘s WoTD posts from May 6 to May 13 2016.

Whats been distinctive about this batch is that examining the page source not only led to the usual ciphertexts but also to a series of hidden messages, hinting both at the method for solving the code and a potential upcoming Verum Inveniri story development.

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Susanna receives a Clue

Inside the post “Susanna receives a Clue” over at the Investigate Ingress blog, there were 3 codes found inside the source and an additional one that can be seen on the image of the post.

[1] 22122421122223132211321211131111121412132211122321141132131211111

[2] uyuxqbq836ojp69rzb7rq4cbqxolj4zm

[3] wlblwnvvlvpvdbvenfwlldvweldldvmldmwvlnmdvwvpvdmeb

[4] 200110001001101000011011000110010001101100011010100110011001100000011000000110000001100000011000000110000
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