Useful tools and weblinks for decoding

Continuing with our tutorial series, let us take a look at some tools of the trade.
If you are jumping in midway, take a look at the previous tutorials below.

As each decoder works through the vastness of different types of codes that we come across, he or she tends to use some links very frequently and some only for special cases.
Many times we get the questions of “What tool did you use for that?” or “How did you see how to follow those steps?”

In this post we hope to accumulate the big variety of online and offline resources that we use.
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An Unexpected Change

Three codes were found hidden in the An Unexpected Change post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 381151434509433943461145465257314611065346450337

[2] 204-255-000-178-236-093-000-020-168-118-255-122-044-022-008-255-222-173-019-136-008-179-139-109-080-200-120-220-220-220-110-127-128-255-064-064-239-204-000-197-179-088-228-113-122-100-084-082-218-145-000-255-000-255-101-067-033-236-213-064

[3] bguvrytrhdbgtrqdyhtwonrwfxyhsskz

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