After Action Report: NYC Special VIA NOIR Storyline Mission

It all started out with this post on the investigation board: A Clue For Tomorrow?

Aside from containing the usual daily passcodes, what it announced was much more intriguing.

It’s not too difficult to find the actual portal, but notice there has been a clock added to the portal image, indicating – combined with “evening” mentioned – a time frame between 17:00 and 19:00 local time (Sat 22:00 to Sun 00:00 UTC).

Ground teams were assembled.

Decoders and portal hunters were standing at the ready.

Then, suddenly, at 21:11 UTC the message came through: “@all Puzzles in New York missions

VIA NOIR Crossword Puzzles
(See here the original versions of the North Puzzle and South Puzzle)
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Discoveries from Seattle

Three codes were hidden in the Discoveries from Seattle post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1]–       –  –      –     –        –        –     –       –     —     –    –     —     –    –       –        –        –     –

[2] )()))&)%!$!()&^)%)*)%)*!#)*)!!)

[3] y9hls5b6ii5yeplp3c

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The Cycle

Three codes were hidden in the HTML source of the The Cycle post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 3v2muomvjco4y9c8

[2] f7a18b7ba0d268b80a68ddcbeb72fe

[3] @.!.!.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.!.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.!.!.-.!.@.@|!|-|!|-‘!|-.@.’!|!|!|(@`-.!|#|!|!|(@|-@|@)`-|!.”!`-|!|..!|\/|`-‘!’!`!’#`-‘!’#`-‘!`-‘!`-‘!`-‘!`-‘!’!’!`-‘!`-‘!`-‘!`–#’!`-‘!’@`
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