New WotD code pattern

We have detected a new passcode format for the WotD puzzles posted daily by JoJo Stratton.
This new format appeared on the 1000th WotD puzzle posted since taking over from PAC and his Investigation Board

The new passcode format is:


x being any letter from a-z
# being any number between 0-9
keyword being any previously used WotD or part thereof. So far only those that JoJo herself has posted.

As you might notice, the numbers are no longer limited to just 2-9 and the possibilities of keywords has been greatly increased, from roughly 460 to over 1000 and increasing daily.
You can find a full list of all the WotD’s posted by JoJo since she took over from PAC, here: JoJo WotD List

We are waiting for the current theme to come to an end to see if the keywords remain linked to WotD or revert back to the previously known Keyword list.
It is now confirmed that the WotD keyword does come from either previously used WotD or from the context of the WotD, so the list above will be immensely important for future solves.

New Code Pattern

We have observed a new passcode format in the Body in Brooklyn. A Cover-Up? post on June 16 2016.

The new passcode format is:


x are any letter from a-z
# are numbers 2-9
keyword is a word related to Ingress (our compiled list of keywords)

At this time, we are not sure if this code will be used exclusively for daily codes from the Investigation Blog or will it be expanded to include Word of the Day and Ingress Report codes.