#13MAGNUSReawakens Jojo WOTD code

Regular code posts will resume on Thursday but in the meanwhile here’s something different.

VI posted most of the anomaly codes during the #13MAGNUSReawakens anomaly but one was posted by Jojo Stratton

To get the code you need to follow the https://jojoingresswotd.github.io/2017/24/PICARESQUE.html link. By viewing the source code you can see at line 16 the following code

<code style="color: maroon !important">Two Fаthers Th Ѕixth Extictio Modаy Kаddish Th Aаzig Mаleeni El Mundo Giа Ѕigs аd Woders Agа Mаlа Th List Terms of Edаrment Th Rаi Kig Acаdiа Hungy Millenium 2Ѕhy</code>