Three codes were hidden in the HTML source of the LURE post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 9unknyyc5gtx5i5qof

[2] ugwtqrfhfrmvswvaq

[3] 7xls3xXvvGuhn2ypk4p1n

Code #1


18 characters with the right amount of numbers for a valid passcode

Code #2


A roman emperor will get you the keyword. After just analyze closely what you have

Code #3


Modify thing to get a valid prefix and suffix, then Google is your friend


  • David Vieira Rocha

    Complex solutions like this … discourage you from continuing to try ..: /

    • keyclick

      Not complex, just need practice…

  • Bigvig209

    How did you arrive at the solution with code 3? I tried and and, and none of those sites returned what you got for the atbash decryption.

    • keyclick

      Not sure what you mean. Just remember that when using atbash you have to do the numbers manually using


    • Daniel Hobbs

      It’s a regular alphabet atbash, but you also atbash the numbers using the following key:
      Or, just subtract the number given from 10.

      Most of the online atbash decoders ignore the numbers. Just manually do the numbers and continue on.