Three codes were hidden in the ARCHETYPAL VISIONS – 1 post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 6e7yxsn8usiu4r9g

[2] 405224328509^81472185193125000185193185193140^08373248^58503

[3] 16>iv>vi>8=6c6865cec662696666696cea63e2c6cccc6f66

Code #1


16 characters with the right amount of numbers for a valid passcode

Code #2


The only digit missing is 6 which is replaced by ^. Groups of six seems to reveal the fixes. No solve yet

Code #3


The first part seems to be a hint, the rest looks like Hex


  • DD4814

    Hint for code n.2
    125000 is a particular number in math. Other numbers have the same feature, but for 125000 is more clear. Code still live!

    • Daniel Hobbs

      Thanks for the hint. I was able to root out the answer. I’ll let other people work on it until it’s no longer live.

    • keyclick

      Thanks, got it and still live.