Two codes were hidden in the HAZDATA CHANGES HANDS? post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] que84f515ci

[2] bg4sc76ok7lpjy3nn2pg8op45hj7or

Code #1


Passcode format is there, remember to apply the same method to the keyword sub

Code #2


10 numbers in there, exactly what we need to get the two other passcodes


  • Bigvig209

    Could you explain solution#1 a little? How did you get “u is You” but since we used atbash you is I?

    • keyclick

      Sure, U sounds like You. The code used Atbash so we need to find a keyword that is the opposite of You. In the keyword list there are only 2 possible opposite to “You”: Me & I. “I” revealed the valid passcode.

      Hope this helps a little.