Tomorrow’s Brains

Three codes were hidden in the HTML source of the Tomorrow’s Brains post in the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] kiaolcyboayvdlcvdtau

[2] 2eer2bo9ne9an2cspa

[3] efbf66edefa9fa9effefeeeaee9eebeeeedefabfadfacee8ef9

Code #1


So far no solution has been found

***** Post update thanks to Norio IINUMA

Code #1

Code #2


18 characters with the right amount of numbers for a valid passcode.

Code #3


Hex but not in the right range


  • Norio IINUMA

    #1 solved by rot19.

    • keyclick

      ha see it now. Thanks will update post.