2017 decoding challenge post #24

This is it, the last post of the challenge, Happy New Year to all of you in American Samoa, Midway Islands and yes to all the Ingress players in Jarvis Isl.:



Again, here are the basic rules:

  1. Do not post the solution. Even if it’s fully redeemed. Give others a chance to figure it out.
  2. You can post the rewards redeemed if you wish
  3. No hints will be posted or given. The full solutions will be posted on Jan 7
  4. The passcode format is different: #xxx#keywordx#x#x

I could tell you not to share the passcodes in Hangout, Slack, Telegram and other communication software but I can’t stop you. Just remember that’s it’s not about the rewards, it’s about finding the solve.