Three codes could be found in the HTML source of the #FoodforPAC post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] IV4rXmRHNXljMmw0T0RrMU5YTnhmeVQxeVo=

[2] !^+^dG5yc2l4ODk1NXNxfyT1yZ

[3] ae2hptorZeWtlanwasHdRa0earHeJhltZsXkRr3abm3nNipeehHtNdpneaHsF.1

Code #1


Simply convert the string from Base64 to text and you will get the string of Code #2

Code #2


A mix of just about everything but there is actually a very good hint in that code

Code #3


That .1 is not a hint but if you can figure out how to get that “.” at the end you are on the right track.