A meeting with Farlowe and Devra

Three codes were hidden in the A meeting with Farlowe and Devra post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] qqlfkeo6l5cv4ycpx5MX

[2] 8766675050798433339366468

[3] e5aa702c16082c160850c87800900000000000827f645452d71868c2b2807f00ffcd5700a2add03f00ff009000059033002fa7ff7f0086608e

Code #1


20 characters, last two are capital letters. Probably a hint or keyword XM written in reverse.

So far no solution has been found.

***** Post updated thanks to @punchingcat

Code #2


25 digits. You’ll need to spot the ranges.

Code #3


114 characters, looks like hex. This cipher has been used before but it’s all about finding the right name !