Hank Johnson: Surveillance in the XM Era

Three codes could be found in the Hank Johnson: Surveillance in the XM Era post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] j7itr2s4an6dwmou7e

[2] fft80oeksau088qq

[3] cijifhhfgfdiaifghgjgeidhhhjgffafdfgibh

Code #1


18 characters with the right amount of numbers for a passcode. Same old cipher

Code #2


Passcode format is there, a dash of a certain cipher will help you

Code #3


All letters in the range of A to J, count them.

  • Felipe Sarabia

    [2] weak

    • Marc Belanger (keyclick)

      Oups thanks for spotting that. Bad copy/past on my part