Your Responses: Devra’s Motives

Three codes could be found hidden in the HTML source of the Your Responses: Devra’s Motives post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] rfdurtipnsfcvstjoosfdussioosfcursiporfcursjpnsecurtjoosfcustiooredvrsiporfdvrtio9

[2] 844a@54885\a83862389347984/923\63348256725991

[3] gmdcbfiojuerteoidgihbtnfiimvdebsieevgeentioidihbetbp

Code #1


81 characters containing only 1 number

[hint]That 9 is useless except to guide you to the first step[/hint]

Code #2


A skip of 2 will reveal two strings with one containing the prefix and suffix in Hex. Although I bruted all keyword, none gave a valid passcode.

Code #3


52 characters, you can spot the letters that would make up numbers.