The Acolyte’s Plans

Three codes were found hidden in the HTML source of The Acolyte’s Plans on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 3253x40s4r21.5k81nii01oxx

[2] utdnmqokt67d6gc,ny2

[3] 12QwAS2#wESd3$erdF$5RTfg%6tYgH6&YUhJ7*uijK89iOKL(0OpL:0-P[;"qwASzXWesdxCeRDFcVrTfgvBTygHBNYUhJnMUijKM,iOKl,>opL:.?

Code #1


So far the solutions has not been found

*** Post updated thanks to agents @komasanmoge & @yosusi

Code #2


19 characters, now why would that comma be there

Code #3


114 characters, just about every characters on the keyboard are there

[hint]Shift or no shift, bump or no bump[/hint]