Devra’s message to Agents

Three codes could be found in the HTML code of the Devra’s message to Agents post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 1111112112101111012110000001120000000000200111111002000111100021000000001201100110201102

[2] vswubb3j5e6c2t52w8u

[3] umj78terng175ex

Code #1


Lots of repeating numbers using only 0, 1 & 2

[hint]TakeekaT aa carefulluferac lookkool[/hint]

Code #2


19 characters. Too many numbers for a passcode format, will need to try a few things.


Code #3


Passcode format is there. Go through your usual cipher routine.

[hint]Hail Caesar[/hint]