The Cycle

Three codes were hidden in the HTML source of the The Cycle post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 3v2muomvjco4y9c8

[2] f7a18b7ba0d268b80a68ddcbeb72fe

[3] @.!.!.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.!.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.!.!.-.!.@.@|!|-|!|-‘!|-.@.’!|!|!|(@`-.!|#|!|!|(@|-@|@)`-|!.”!`-|!|..!|\/|`-‘!’!`!’#`-‘!’#`-‘!`-‘!`-‘!`-‘!`-‘!’!’!`-‘!`-‘!`-‘!`–#’!`-‘!’@`

Code #1


16 characters with the right amount of ingredients for a passcode.

Code #2


Looks like hex but range is not good

[hint]It is hex but not to Ascii[/hint]

Code #3


No solve has been found yet.

Update: Thanks to agent @EcoliW3110 for the solve