This is #ViaNoir

Three codes could be found in the This is #ViaNoir post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 289b8x1qxe9ej834

[2] εηοζοφσζοφσΩζοφσυθσεεζοφσσω

[3] 325169962882125

Code #1


16 characters with a lot of numbers but an old favorite will guide you to the answer.

Code #2


All Greek letters.

Code #3


15 digits. A bit short but it has enough characters for a passcode.

[hint]6 is the keyword part[/hint]

  • Daniel Hobbs

    My logic behind Omega = “mantra” is that Ω = Ohms = meditating mantra. Cheap pun, but I would have started with ‘resistance’ as well.

  • Daniel Caján Arias

    About the 2nd code: maybe for the sound “Om”?