Things of Indescribable Beauty and Horror

Three codes were hidden in the Things of Indescribable Beauty and Horror post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] \//\\\//\//\/\/\\///\\/\\\//\//\\\///\\\\\///\\\\\//\/\/\\//\///\///\\\/\//\\\//

[2] 53063064839495f52738508515165p475062m

[3] अष्टएकअष्टअष्टसप्तशून्यपञ्चत्रिपञ्चत्रिदर्शनपञ्चसप्तपञ्चत्रिपञ्चएकषष्अष्टअष्टअष्ट

Code #1


80 characters using only combinations of / and \

Code #2


37 characters, mostly numbers and 3 letters

Code #3


You’ll need to find what language it is.

[hint]There is an error on one of the number position in the code[/hint]