A Glimpse into Devra’s past

Three codes coud be found hidden in the A Glimpse into Devra’s past post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] fu2gu3rpes4uk4n7

[2] rf03lod03dqvjstA23msv0625n1007g

[3] 1111111011011111110111111111011111110110111110111101111101111111011111111011101111111101111011111101111101111110111111011111110111011111110111111011111110111011111111011110111111110111111111011111011011111011101111100111111111001111111101111111110

Code #1


16 characters with the right amount of numbers for a passcode. You know what to use.

Code #2


31 characters. A mix of numbers, lower case letters and only one upper case letter.

[hint]Upper & lower case and numbers, rings a bell? Things are just not what they seem[/hint]

Code #3


0 & 1, binary? Take a good look at it again.

[hint]Look at how the 0 are spread out. Notice anything ? [/hint]