#ViaLux Sept. 24 – Anomaly Intel – Packet #1

Three codes could be found in the #ViaLux Sept. 24 – Anomaly Intel – Packet #1 post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] ezmurnebhooteeneeewr

[2] 3i9e5nsowtibj9g3

[3] xzu65sfnrorgb464dd

Code #1


20 letters, you’ll need to look at numbers differently to get it.

[hint]Try to split it into different parts and maybe you’ll see the numbers[/hint]

Code #2


Right amount of numbers for a passcode. Same old cipher

Code #3


Passcode format is there, go through your usual cipher routine.

[hint]For the keyword you’ll need to find the extreme reverse of it[/hint]