@KodamaSmiles in Denver

Three codes could be found hidden in the HTML source of the @KodamaSmiles in Denver post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] !$!&)!!*)*!*)*)%)*)%!$!*)$!@!&

[2] 62fb5d750c30a27a.qvw29923cm.26d01c5f3d8df459

[3] fd78486nμb

Code #1


30 symbols. You know what to do with symbols.

Code #2


Between those dots seems to be the prefix and suffix. Rest looks like hex range.

[hint]Hex it is but different kind of hex. Count how many characters you have and look it up[/hint]

Code #3


Prefix and suffix are there but in reverse and there is that special character.

[hint] μ has a lot of meaning but keep reading and you will find the keyword[/hint]