1 code could be found on the image of the Kodama post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] *@nG*$&o!*$i&@*t@^(a^(&n)&(i*%*ga@*m$&iB@I*Es@iI^ero(mFtna^tro(p*miWna@h*tTe%g^L^d&Ee#lw^&on&(&kT**e#&#g***del$wo*nk&N&I(s&Oi(Fd&etimi*lOn^o(itani*gam$iWs*e&l&T(*cCr$ic*&&n(&(e&*^Q(&(e&*^htd(l&%ro&%wM

There are actually 3 passcodes included in the code. You’ll need to play with the symbols, the different kind of letters and the whole string to get them.

Thanks to @Unchi for the solves

Passcode #1

[hint]This is probably the most obvious one using the symbols[/hint]

Passcode #2

[hint]You used the symbols for passcode #1. Take a good look at the different kind of letters[/hint]

Passcode #3

[hint]We used symbols and uppercase letters for the other codes. The lowercase letters will help you for something but you’ll need the full string and a few steps for the rest[/hint]