Prime Fragments

Three codes could be found in the HTML source of the Prime Fragments post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] xqqh99ggi83sqb7

[2] 100033ans7ue93ugm18110

[3] 5v5v5f5f5lv57fv5v5f5l5f5l45u6f5v57u6lf5f5v54t

Code #1


Right amount of numbers for a passcode and yes there is a keyword in there even if there is only one vowel.

Code #2


A lot of numbers but they are probably there just to throw you off. A simple manipulation will guide you to the passcode.

Code #3


45 characters, seems like the same letters and numbers are used.

[hint]Counting will help you on this one after the first manipulation[/hint]