PAC’S Weekly Wrap-Uu: August 21, 2016

Three codes could be found in the PAC’S WEEKLY WRAP-UP: AUGUST 21, 2016 post on the Investigate Ingress blog.


[2] oon36rhlokd164it

[3] unboundEdunboundeDunboundEdunbOundedunbounDedunbOundedunboUndedunbouNdedunboUndedunboundedunboUndedunBoundedunboUndedunbounDedunboUndedunboundedunbounDedunboundEdunboundEduNbounded

Code #1


The string uses limited letters, dots seem to split everything up.

[hint]numbers then other kind of numbers[/hint]

Code #2


Passcode format is right there, go through your usual cipher routine.

Code #3


That’s a lot of unbounded, which is a valid KW.