The Follower

Three codes were hidden in The Follower post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] benefecfkbhearbhcaobcpcavkfnacr

[2] cpov6x4ii4sr

[3] こころこころ身肉体の魔肉体の点日はまた身日はまた点日はまたる幸福な家庭邦人日はまたる日はまたる肉体の魔人以上肉体の魔悲しみよこんにちは

Code #1


All letters, you’ll need to split them up to find what you are looking for.

[hint]Hope you know your basic elements[/hint]

Code #2


The passcode format seems to be there, you’ll need to know you Ingress characters to get the keyword.

[hint]Who’s x?[/hint]

Code #3


All Japanese characters, finding the index is a challenge, try to translate in different splits to see if anything can make sense.

This code is still live so we cannot post the solve.