Feathered Ghosts

Three codes could be found in the Feathered Ghosts post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 04b0db0cc06c0ac0ca0ca0ab0da08b00b0da0fa06c0ac0aa02b04b

[2] ojwtiivisu53uq53rpiiivie0101u

[3] pmz53g244bi

Code #1


54 characters, look like hex but not in the right range.

Code #2


A mix of just about anything, you’ll need to look at it in a different way.

[hint]Try r3v3s1ng 1t[/hint]

Code #3


Well the code format is there. How many keyword have only 1 letter ?

  • Nicolò Anaclerio

    That’s interesting, che code #2 was ojwtiivisu53uq53rpiivie0101u how did you find to add another ‘i’ to have 8 instead of 7?

    • keyclick

      Sorry, forgot to mention that there was an error in code in the original Investigate Ingress post. It’s a matter of bruting all the possibilities when that happens.