Art and Power

Three codes could be found in the Art and Power post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 9878cccc9ca989e9d8a809c96c7cc88958

[2] drahciretracttocsretnepracsemajenivelavekotrabyerduanrubpehznerolfdlefgeizegroegiiirehpotsirhcremmulpmloclamxahtramttocseesgnimmucreviloydrahnhojjaciristrukllessurociredefinillefrdnaskelanibaircsdrahcirdnikededselrahcyrbafecurbnredtrebordraddogycniuqsenojvijarihdnagtrukllessurtreborniffocmikregnisabrettoptrawetsmailliwllessalaehtorodxidvatsugtslohnasusnodnarasrevilosnaverogiyksnivartserotavlasodomisauq

[3] 7gtbc/

Code #1


34 characters with numbers and letters in the range of a to f

Code #2


Reversed it contains names of artists and people of power. We still haven’t found the solved yet.

Code #3


A very small and strange string.

  • Daniel Hobbs

    Found the solution to the second code. Take the list of famous people and get their date of birth. The days all fall within the range of 1 – 23 with five of the people being born on the 4th. Start an alphabet substitution with a=0 and you’ll get URNEVESXISRUOFELGGURTSOWTNEVESXBD. Reverse the string again and replace the words for actual numbers and the code is dbx72struggle467ru.