PAC’S Weekly Wrap-Up: July 24, 2016

5 codes were found hidden in the HTML code of the PAC’S WEEKLY WRAP-UP: JULY 24, 2016 post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 90656879718757575051658467797982767989788484697957545256575367758079

[2] tmtxmhyfipmvtmdwofecovllodkgnnyefsqiviyfiejvnaqinaaufh

[3] bquxgjsfionniijdaehnavnesritxhtehissiemfpk

[4] ofjmewrheyccngwesfttwhoeifvusofertoshtviviwrintonergnsgauerepewkpoafsorsisreavettinsfoeitwnwntfihfoissoefoiueigcaqbhjddm

[5] -.,,,.~.,*,.-.~-.__,*.~–.,*__..~-._,,*_,,…~-..~,,*,__*,.~…-~._,*___*_,-.~.-~-_,*,_,,*,_*,_–..~..—~_*,,___*,,,__*_..—~–~__,,*_,__*,_-.-.~,*

Before we proceed, these codes have multiple passcodes in them.

Code #1


68 numbers, they seem to be in a good range for a simple manipulation

Code #2


54 letters, you can sort of spot a few numbers written in there.

Code #3


42 letters, go through your usual cipher routine. Remember that there is more than 1 passcode in there.

[hint]If you can spot the BUG then you found it[/hint]

Code #4


Really long string but fun to decode once you found what you’re looking for.

[hint]There is a total of 5, yes that’s 5, passcodes in this one[/hint]

Code #5


A good mix of characters including long dashes and ellipsis. To make things easier here’s the converted string using only , . – _ ~ *


[hint]If you are thinking morse you are right, you just need to find how to match things up. Remember, 2 codes in there.[/hint]