ADA Refactor Public Poll Results

Three codes could found in the ADA Refactor Public Poll Results post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 119.981.112.50.515.

[2] 78.811.715.57.55.810.615.614.813.613.615.57.58.511.813.814

[3] 08-3_0800_08-3_05-3_05-1_0600_0603_0701_05-2_0500_05-5_0700_0702

Ok are you ready for some Niantic math…

Code #1


All numbers separated by dots. Try to find a pattern that fits the passcode format.

[hint]How can you divide things up[/hint]

Code #2


Again, all numbers separated by dots. The cipher used for code #1 should help you find what to do.

Code #3


All numbers again. You’ll need to find what the split is but if you have followed the first two codes you should not have a problem.

[hint]_ is the split[/hint]