New Portals emerge across US West Coast

Three codes were hidden in the the HTML code of the New Portals emerge across US West Coast post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] bv4oi7us64up6rt

[2] ze322yrevocsid26fux

[3] bcbqbycycybq1rbbxc69cpypyq0uym

Code #1


The right amount of numbers for a passcode, looking for a 5 letter keyword.

Code #2


Can you see the code ?

[hint]? edoc eht ees uoy naC :p[/hint]

Code #3


Here’s something interesting, 30 letters and numbers without any real defined ranges. Although lots of them are repeating.

[hint]If you are thinking . & – that’s the first step. Go through with your idea even if it doesn’t seem to make sense[/hint]