Jahan responds to Acolyte

Three codes were found hidden in the HTML source of the Jahan responds to Acolyte post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 536295294837573075851535163630648515305072952951

[2] 91717191707140408180328151414101424080607091814012403181401240318171

[3] 74rstefrepnoitcvq387

Code #1


All numbers nothing good for Ascii range. We’ll need to dig in a bit further to find the cipher.

[hint]Beep beep bip[/hint]

Code #2


All numbers again, notice how 1 and 0 are repeating.

[hint]look at it the other way round[/hint]

Code #3


All the ingredients are there, you guessed it: same old same old