The Acolyte Speaks

Three codes could be found in the HTML of the The Acolyte Speaks post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] svsussuxuxrxtqrvrxtqturvuuuzuyrusr

[2] udziafbmonazrzpblepktndzjndzbd

[3] 12lncefl6dc,bag

Code #1


34 letters that seem to be in the range of R to Y. Paired that would be 17 characters which is good for a passcode.

Code #2


30 letters, no specific range. Let’s go through the cipher routine.

[hint]Don’t think this cipher has been used since the passcode format change. A might help you :p[/hint]

Code #3


Mix of letters and numbers but that “,” should hint you on what cipher to use

[hint]You’ll need to look at the tool at the tip of your fingers in a different way[/hint]