Hank and ADA

Three codes could be found in the HTLM of the Hank and ADA post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] yjwp6842bhn8

[2] zjwn7ixld27lphefvlqhu6fhtyu6zcyw3m

[3] qpqqqyqppptrptqqpwqqqqpiqpiqqqqqopttpttptwqqeqqe

Code #1


Seems like everyday this cipher is used !!!

Code #2


Letters and numbers. Now this one is truly different.

[hint]You don’t see this cipher very often. A mix of letters and numbers might hint to Base64 but that would be half right :p[/hint]

Code #3


48 characters. A lot are repeating. We have seen this before.

[hint]Check at the end of your fingers[/hint]