Another Way

Three codes were found in the Another Way post on the Investigate Ingress blog

[1] 9l7z4abommeqq5d2


[3] 3b2a5a3b2b1a2a3b2b1a1c3b1b1b1a1a1a3b2c1a3a1b1c1a2b1a2a3a2b5a

Code #1


4 numbers and the rest letters, looks familiar.

Code #2


Mix of numbers, small cap and upper cap letters. This looks like a cipher we know.

[hint]Remember that the passcode format changed so it doesn’t need to start with M, N, O or P now[/hint]

Code #3


Thanks goes out to yushi2000 for submitting the solve to us!

It looks like HEX, but converting it just gives gibberish.
Will need to look further for alternatives.


Alternating values reminds you of what kind of code?
How many frequently used versions do we have of such kind of code?