The Acolyte’s Response On Klue

Three codes can be found in the The Acolyte’s Response On Klue post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 2jntops8okyfz5v7

[2] edbffefdbeedbfbbefecbbedbeedcedfeefcbf

[3] wjdv5uvrsfdut5usjzvnbnfn

Code # 1


16 characters containing 4 numbers. That’s a pattern you should start to know by now.

Code #2


38 letters between B and F, at least we can make pairs with that and see where it leads.

[hint]An old greek historian will help you[/hint]

Code #3


24 characters, rings a bell right ?

[hint]What cipher usually start with a N[/hint]