Obsidius Fragment: A Long Journey Ahead

Three codes were found in the HTLM source of the Obsidius Fragment: A Long Journey Ahead post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] b0aaadb4ac9493a8aaba9888a9ba93b0a9ba90caad85adac

[2] 210293611698321237021268202713302024

[3] $%~!%!%~!&~&!~#^~&~!%@~@~!&~#~%!^~&~!^!~#^~!&~@&~!^

Code #1


Looks like hex but ranges are off for Ascii. If you are thinking that it’s colours that would make only 8 words of 6 bits, not enough for a passcode.

[hint]nzbyv rg’h zgyzhs[/hint]

Code #2


All numbers, 18 pairs.

We did not find the solution yet.

Code #3


All symbols, usually means to convert to numbers

[hint]~ is used to split the groups[/hint]