Brooklyn: The Suspects

Looking inside the source of the “Brooklyn: The Suspects” post over on the Investigate Ingress blog, we can find two codes hidden in the source and one in the image of the post:

[1] 17m691m7212698459&3p3m2468802436547&2p2m3m281m23083330619
[2] f9u4o8v4a8p7b9l7o7g7o5s6q8q6
[3] ++ugsdfsrythyosdtpvdwtzdjfisdejufa--

Code #1


If you are good at math, you might find some character in the numbers

Code #2


We have an interesting code of alternating letters and numbers.
This normally means that we could split the two for two different parts of the solve.
Remember that if the original string itself was longer, that that might hint at there being two codes hidden in it.

Code #3


Here we have a code preceded by + and followed by -, this is a good indicator that something should sometimes be positive and sometimes negative.