Susanna’s Visit with Nigel

Three codes were hidden in the Susanna’s Visit with Nigel on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] cba1357df9ffff63470014a84cbb1700755e663854000000967117614051d9603b2c1608ce2029c0362cfada5eb48395009000f0ead6

[2] fabnournrtzafmaerdgojrrndiptmhcociud

[3] oquuwqotoovwnfwetawtsyumw

Code #1


Seems like hex but values are out of range. Total of 108 characters.

[hint]The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow[/hint]

Code #2


All letters, go through your normal cipher routine of atbash, rot, morse, transposition, skip, playfair…

[hint]Star trek will reveal the keyword[/hint]

Code #3


25 letters, again go through your usual cipher routine