Hank: The Aegis Nova Conflict

Hidden within the source of the “Hank: The Aegis Nova Conflict” post on the Investigate Ingress blog, there were two codes:

[1] 81/27dw352/16eb96/16nx88/4ni60/12ho16/8hs30/15bf84/14iw1/1
[2] watrthsqdgdnonohubfd

Code #1


The string seems a bit weird for a single passcode and since we have only two codes to solve from the post, there might be two codes within this code.
Let us split them in a way that seems logically:
1a: dw eb nx ni ho hs bf iw
1b: 81/27 352/16 96/16 88/4 60/12 16/8 30/15 84/14 1/1

Let us take care of 1a first:

The length looks good for everything to be there and a keyword can be spotted, but the numbers are missing so we will need to either find them or become creative.

Now for 1b:
81/27 352/16 96/16 88/4 60/12 16/8 30/15 84/14 1/1
Doing the given math for each section, we see that the left side is evenly dividable by the right side (eg. 81 / 27 = 3 )

But that is currently as far as we have gotten.
If you have a solve for this, let us know via one of the avenues of contacting us.

Code #2


Length of the code points to potentially written our numbers.
The normal basic steps of Atbash, ROT and Rectangles gives no visible solution, so we’ll need another kind of ciphers.