Body found in Brooklyn

Within the scary post “Body found in Brooklyn” on the Investigate Igress blog, there were three codes hidden within the source:

[1] rzuumnllxhabgromirsqaonszyhs
[2] 95ot6walnyhial7gmikb
[3] djg03h00g05gjgjhag02gbhdg03gbhggjgjhidfhd

Code #1


With a length of 28 characters, it is very likely that the numbers are written out.
We’ll just need to find the right cipher that will reveal all.

Code #2


Four numbers in the code points to not specifically needing a substitution cipher (atbash/rot/vig/etc), but the length hints at either a very long keyword or a keyword substitution.

Code #3


We have an odd range of letters (a-j) and numbers (00-05) in a code with a prime number for it’s length (meaning rectangles and pairs won’t work).
But look at those letters again, notice something peculiar?