The Circular

Inside the Portal Clue post “The Circular“, on the Investigate Ingress blog, there where three clues hidden inside the source:

[1] conogacedtcotcoenilnogatednepnogacedaennenogacedisocinogacedtnepnogidiakcedaennenoganogatpehnogaenneelgnairtsocinogacedatetnogidiakinogacediakar
[2] emrwbhatmngkrylvcmwu
[3] fsofznsfnefsfeesfsfeoetfzssensffioeiieeeiwiniiiieiioiiiiiiieinii

Code #1


One very long string, but looks like there are some things repeating themselves.
We will need to divide the string a bit and see what it reveals.

Code #2


Only letters in the code, so assume that the numbers will be written out.
The normal ROT/Atbash/Rectangle/Skip doesn’t give any results.

Code #3


Here we have a string that has a few letters repeating at the start and others repeating at the end.
Those infront are not all repeated in the second part, hinting at a two sectional code.
We can also semi see very familiar pairs.

In addition to the three codes hidden in this post, we also had a Portal clue.
Both factions will always try and figure out what Portal is referred to by such posts and try to get to it first.
Can you determine which Portal this clue is referring to? You will need everything in the post (and subsequent hints posted later) to find this Portal.