Aegis Nova Anomalies: Scoreboard

The post “Aegis Nova Anomalies: Scoreboard” on the Investigate Ingress blog, hid three codes inside its source.

[1] 6rr7ekpbh6ek9lx
[2] sietwfrytemarosageeysrslwpasktser
[3] sjdv4efvpr0tsnusnh-j-vwp-l-m

Code #1


Everything seems to be there, we’ll need to rearrange the code a bit.


Look for the keyword, it should show when you are almost there.


Code #2


33 letters, starts with SI which could be 6.

[hint]Hard to read once you get the right cipher because of the keyword substitution[/hint]

Code #3


Letters with a few numbers and dashes. Those dashes serve a purpose but only as a modifier

[hint]Count how many letters and numbers are in the string. Is it divisible by 4?[/hint]