Scott And Anne: The Voice

Three codes can be found in the HTML of the Scott And Anne: The Voice post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] reorccocrccorreccorreorrecccocrccoreccoccocrcocccorroeccorrrorrecco

[2] \51\35\04/06/27\26/18\12\06/18\17/17\09/24\20/19\37

[3] uwbhfvzirareeznxsasdkizdf

Code #1


All repeating sequences of C, E, O & R. Go through your usual cipher routine.

Code #2


Numbers with either / or \ in front of them. Surely some kind of Niantic math

[hint]Niantic usually substitute -,+,* & / by something else when it comes to math[/hint]

Code #3


25 characters all letters, look carefully to find the key.

[hint]Can you see the keyword already in the code? If so you have found your key[/hint]