Scott And Anne: Klue’s Arrival

Three codes were found hidden in the Scott And Anne: Klue’s Arrival post on the Investigate Ingress blog

[1] 432453414432332433154442113343353443151315242223443343245312

[2]  7i87rsru5tehvysy

[3] vr4rsntaawnu6d7maq

Code #1


All numbers ranging from 1 to 5. That range is used by a cipher that has been used in the past.

[hint]An ancient greek historian will help you[/hint]

Code #2


All the ingredients are there, you just need to find the proper way to rearrange them.

Code #3


Looks like all the ingredients are there but it’s missing a number.

[hint]An old favorite but you’ll need to do some manipulation to get it right, try to see if you can find the keyword[/hint]