Hulong Anomaly Intel – Massive Maps Leak

Inside the “Hulong Anomaly Intel – Massive Maps Leak” post on the Investigate Ingress blog, we ca find three codes hidden in the source:

[1] 6jhs5a-ag2h7v
[2] cfo9vrj2rn7n9tswo
[3] %$^(^&*#%)^&!%%&*%)&&

Code #1


Seems like we have everything for a passcode, just need to figure out the KW section.

Code #2


Looks like we have everything we need again, even in some form of a correct order.
The normal transposition ciphers (Skip, Rectangle, Railfence) bring nothing usefull, so a different type of transposition looks to be needed than what we normally do.

Code #3


Symbols, symbols, symbols, this almost always rings just one thing in my head.

As a bonus hidden puzzle, the image of the Full Anomaly Zone for Rotterdam included a hint to some extra storyline Media, which is what lead to the next Investigate Ingress post with codes. So it is always good to have a closer look at everything in a post.