Pointed Inquiries

Three codes were found hidden in the HTML of the Pointed Inquiries post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 8kccxupt9stn9ogu3omy

[2] ab87888aa97c96987d967b7c97af77ad9a

[3] 8lmw8qaprzdehv2t3g

Code #1


Right amount of letters and numbers for a code, just need to find a way to rearrange them.

[hint]There is a substitution in there but that song title was used way to many times[/hint]

Code #2


Good distribution for hex but not in the right range.

[hint]It’s hex to dec but you’ll need to work out the range[/hint]

Code #3


Code format is right there, just go through your regular cipher routine.