What Separates Us From ADA

The What Separates Us From ADA post on the Investigate Ingress blog contained three codes hidden in the HTML.

[1] ezya5kce5n9g4u3681

[2] 2da82et83sn72ik84ca80lb97si61de76re71cn75os85aw75ta89hw69da89eh72ym85hc78ta66rc84sd75na79ff74oe77no84ra78et8

[3] limibqn/yowltvnwsyiehgyuyowo

Code #1


Look closely at the middle of the string, can you spot the passcode format ?

Code #2


Multiple pairs of letters and numbers but there is enough in there to guide you through what you need to search

[hint]Letters and numbers don’t live well together[/hint]

Code #3


Why would there be / in a code ? A glyph? Or maybe a it gives away the cipher

[hint]Your fingers are probably currently resting on the cipher, you just need a mirror ![/hint]