ADA’s Motives

Within the post “ADA’s Motives” on the Investigate Ingress blog, we can find two codes inside the source and one on the image in the post.

[1] 3j2m5mes4get
[2] y1000y01o1o10qqqy9fffcy280387zx09fuxpcjpyjjjpypyjpyjjpccrcfypjfjuxxrzxczqzcb0000000b00000100
[3] bqryc2l3b6qx4rxzory34ry6lp46j

Code #1


Looks like we have everything needed for a passocde, that means we’ll just need to rearrange it somehow.

Code #2


A very long string of letters and numbers not revealing much as to how to decode.
The normal Rot, Atbash, Vig or transpositions do not reveal anything.
Seems like we need to find something else entirely.


Sometimes the art of decoding is in the eye of the beholder.


Code #3


No solve is currently known for this code. If you have solved it, let us know either via the comments or feedback section.